Mindful Mindful Yoga for Children

Yoga and it’s benefits.

Yoga is an ancient practice that is becoming extremely popular. Children will benefit from practising postures, that will help with coordination, suppleness, concentration, mindfulness, social skills, connection, breath work and awareness of their energetic bodies. Negative energy can be released during a practice and create a feeling of calm and strength. Both in mind, body and soul.


Yoga workshops for children and parent.

Mindful mindful panda’s yoga workshop is for children, and like all our child workshops, parents too. It is a time to connect and experience together, simple postures and routines to feel comfortable, bringing the knowledge back to the home. Having a fun time with like-minded families, you can meet new friends too.

The workshop is run for primary school-age children groups and pre school-age children.

The workshop also includes a short meditation and includes breathing techniques. I am’s.. positive affirmations and neutrality is also practised during this workshop. Energetic flow of the energy bodies are also experienced. This is a practical, fun-based workshop.


Yoga workshop for schools and nurseries.

Similar to the child and parent workshop, this workshop is for larger groups of children. Teachers are recommended to attend, to support the children.

Mindful Mindful Yoga Workshops and For Home Educators, Schools and Nurseries
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