Such an amazing class. I’ve come away with a clear mindset on my goals as a mother and how i can be a supporter to my girls growing – rather than a controller from my own fixed agenda. Looking forward to putting into practise the skills we’ve learnt today. Beautiful setting, and Nicola is just wonderful.

Charlotte Rose – Parenting workshop

i went to a Mindful Mindful Panda workshop with mu Son who is 9 years old. He learnt how to look after his energy daily and even not to let other peoples energy effect his  own. He learnt how to meditate and breath property. he loved the hands on science experiment that taught him al about positive and negative energies and emotions. he said he liked making friends and everything about this workshop. As a parent i also learnt new things that were explained clearly with lots of opportunity to as questions. Nicola is very talented at what she does and i highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to put down the screens and reconnect with their child and learn about energy and meditation. The pack the children receive is wonderful and a great tool, full of well written stories to enjoy at home together. Thanks Nicola.x

Hannah Carr – Child Workshop

Loved the class today- want to come back already – lots of thought provoking content for a calm happy family.

Emily Mandal – Parenting workshop

Nicola has the most amazing calmness about her that instantly makes you feel at ease. I’ve had both Reiki and Angel Cards done by this beautiful soul. Won’t be going anywhere else for my future Reiki. Amazing, magical and wonderfully freeing. Lx

Lani Mount

Nicolas unique techniques are relaxing, enchanting and mind blowing. With every experience Nicola made me feel welcome, comfortable and at great ease.

Such a wonderful woman with great abilities.

Jade Howard

Had an amazing morning with Nicola Russell, thank you lovely lady ????

Ann Collins

Had my first crystal healing yesterday with Russell Reiki Nicola! ????
Absolouttely loved it and cannot recommend this lovely lady enough ☺️

Lucy Carr

I met Nicola back in March after she advertised on Facebook looking for people with depression that she could hopefully help with reiki. As soon as I saw it I had to message! I needed desperately to get out of the sad, unsociable mood that I was in. This mood started a couple of weeks after having my daughter at the start of 2016. I thought it was something I could deal with myself but in September 2016 I hit rock bottom I had to seek help and went to the doctors I got prescribed anti depressants, the mental health team for visits. I had 1 visit from them my tablets wasn’t working I was a complete mess. 2 months later I got prescribed another lot of tablets which where kind of working I would want to be around some people for short amounts of time but I still wasn’t me! Fast forward to March, I had my first reiki with Nicola she taught me how to pull the negative energy out of me, how to ground myself when things had got hard and not to forget who I am. I had a few sessions and each one of them I was feeling better and better. I’d meditate to get that calm that I needed and Nicola taught me all of this. Its a relaxing enjoyable experience also learning about your past life’s and how they was feeling. Have the emotion as they leave it’s indescribable. Nicola is a great healer and teacher. Fast forward to August 2017 – I leave the house and take my daughter to the park without any worry, I’m able to speak to strangers and best of all I’m able to return back to work next month with no anxiety and worry. And no anti depressants!!  I really can not thank Nicola enough, there is an alternative to medicine and this has helped me so much.


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