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What workshops can you offer in our school, in Kent UK?

Please Note; more detailed information can be sent by request via email or post.

Please find listed below our workshops for schools, most workshops are 20-30 minutes unless stated. Workshops are beneficial to be held in your school hall, depending on your classroom size and numbers we can also work within the classroom space.


Investment fees:

Full-Day £280 (5 hours)  Half Day £180  (3 Hours)  One hour @£65 per hour


The Connection Tour: Connection to self, breath, Earth, Universe and your energy.

Breath and Meditation: Breathing techniques enables you to release negative emotions.

I am’s and neutral minds: I am’s are positive affirmations, creating a positive mindset.

Understanding your energy: Understanding how the energetic system works and how you can use it to your advantage, manifestations and the ability to self heal, as well as healing others, a superhero in action!


Reiki sessions: Reiki is also available in schools for both child and staff. Please message me for details.

Reiki is an energy clearing process, recognised by the NHS. A highly effective way to help boost their energy, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


Nature-based mindfulness; With Karen Howell

Sowing the seeds: Depending on the season, a brief look at nature and how seeds use their connection to the earth to grow. This workshop is approximately 30-45 minutes.

Patterns in nature: Take a look at the patterns in nature and connect. Art based workshop.

The Earth Connection: Learn how to connect to the planets and earth. Minibeast experience.


Movement mindfulness:

Yoga: Simple yoga movements and breathwork.

Wiggle and toning: With Leigh- Marie Learn how to connect to your energy and connect to your voice to help release negativity.

Sound mindfulness: with Di McCann

Science sound mindfulness: This workshop is for children that wish to connect to their senses and have an understanding of how to connect to the vibrations of sound.



It is important to evolve. The evolution of how we manage to cope with the ever-increasing issues of mental health should be a primary concern for all parents and carers. We are set in a constant cycle of .. ‘This is how things are done..’ rather than,  ‘let’s change,  how can we evolve?’


What can mindfulness do for our children?

Our children need to have the ability to find strength within themselves. It is very easy for us to look outside of ourselves and seek help outwardly. Obviously, children are children and need our help. But, if we look inside, we have all the answers. The form of connection through meditation and breathwork allows an individual, at any age,  to resolves overthinking, mind fog, judgemental thought patterns of self and others, self-criticism, low self-esteem and much more.

Children can begin to change their behaviour, by understanding how they impact on others. Feel calm, with experiencing practising their tools, such as meditation and breathwork.


What can MMP do for our children?

The workshops we offer, all have fundamentally five core subjects. To varying degrees. Therefore, a foundation of information is revisited to create a sound basis of information.

Children will respond to this familiar concept and understand the pattern of simple tools and techniques, that will be natural and enable them to continue with this information in their daily life’s, creating a firm foundation of neutrality and positivity to themselves and others.


What changes in behaviour can be seen as a result of your workshops?

Having the ability to stay calm, feeling strong, release negative thoughts and behaviours. It is practice and a change of mindset that will create a conscious mind.


Can mindfulness help in mental health?

Absolutely. It is a wonderful way to keep your mind in check with the thoughts and emotional state. Once you are able to understand how you are feeling from a conscious perspective, you can act upon it. It is only when you can see it, you can make changes. It takes time and practice, like any skill, but once mastered, you will find the inner strength to change how you feel from the inside, rather than relaying from others from the outside.


What can you offer for us Home education?

If you belong to a group or one a one to one basis. We can help create a program for you. From your location or from our Panda Hut in East Farleigh. Workshops are planned in on our diary, date page. (Booking through Eventbrite Link.)


What courses do you do?

We have several courses that can be offered. You can tailor your course by adding together the workshops. Bolting them on to create your very own bespoke course. Run as and when you want them at your venue.


Children core workshops offered to at your venue or ours. These workshops are approximately 2 hours long unless stated.

Foundation workshop creates a firm foundation of knowledge. All workshops are activity-based. Learn and Do! The child learns about their energetic bodies, chakras, grounding, connection. How to clear their energy field. Neutrality, how to analyse their emotions and come to a neutral state of non-emotion. Positive affirmation activity, which includes being aware of the law of attraction. Meditation and breathwork experience.

Breath and Meditation workshop gives you the tools to help release negative emotions. one hour workshop.

I am’s and neutral minds, I am’s are positive affirmations, learn how to create a positive mindset. One hour workshop

Understanding your energy absolutely for those future healers, connect to your energy and learn how to use it to the optimum. Manifest and healing.

Teenager workshop is for children and young adults. Starting at the age of 13 upwards. (If the child of 12, we can discuss the needs of the child.) This workshop covers all the core five subjects, but in a more mature format. The workshop is similar to the Mindful mindful me workshop.

Gardening workshop is created for the child to experience nature. Being connected to the Earth and nature. ‘Sowing the Seeds.’

Creative workshop is a wonderful workshop to work with children, creating something they can take home of keep on them. It creates a focal point for the child to relate to in stressful situations or whilst in low emotional states. ‘Dream catchers.’

Connected creative writing is an amazing experience. Once you can connect to your source energy, you are able to tap into your superhero power. Sometimes things just flow, this is the place you can be conscious of. That ‘sweet spot’ that just feels right. This skill will help the child in their creative writing school work. ‘Automatic writing.’ One hour workshop.

Meditation and breathwork workshops are a key core subject taken to the next level of experience. This can be run on a weekly, monthly basis or just a one-off. One hour workshop.

Yoga is also available. All teachers are fully qualified and fully insured.

Movement and energy awareness is for children to wiggle away from the dense energy and connect to their energetic bodies through dance and movement. Toning is also used during the workshop in the form of mantras. ‘Wiggle and Tone.’


What workshop can you offer in our nursery?

The ages of children in nurseries, dictate us simplifying the workshops. The core five subjects will still be covered.

Wiggle workshop are super fun and allows the child to move their bodies with a formula of movements.

Teacher/ carer workshops are also available. The need to keep your expenses low and keep it in house will enable you to grow and keep mindfulness at the forefront of your minds. Making a change in your personal lives, your children’s and creating a ripple effect into family’s and ultimately, the ‘Changing of the World.’


Mindfulness corners.

Setting up a mindfulness corner for all ages of children is also beneficial. It creates a safe place for the child to retreat too and practice their new life skills. Panda cuddly toys, panda cushions, Mindful Mindful Panda storybooks can also be purchased, creating a themed space that relates to the workshop. Creating a familiar pattern of comforting behaviour and remembrance of how to be mindful, in a physical space.

We offer a variety of workshops that can run from your venue. Each workshop can be tailored to your needs. Adapted to age groups and numbers.


How much do you charge for your services?

This is dependant on the facilitator and your needs. Our starting rate is £65 per hour. A highly competitive rate for a bespoke service.

Home Education, Primary Schools and Nurseries
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