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Gay Davis Drawing


A local artist Gay Davis, the illustrator of drawings within the MIndful Mindful Panda, Panda pack, has made these pictures available for us to sell. These wonderful drawings are one off pieces. framed and free delivery.

Gay also is able to make bespoke drawing, with your colours and design. Name drawings are also available, ideal for a child’s bedroom wall.

Panda Dreamcatcher


A wonderful tool to help your child sleep well and direct their bad dreams, using the catcher. They will be extremely grateful for this.

Panda Drinking Jar


This drinking jar is perfect for your child. Only when the drink is healthy, sodas are not great for teeth and hold so many additives. Water is the best option.

Panda Lunch Bag


Create a mindful lunch, with this panda lunch bag. Pack it with a healthy lunch and enjoy the moment.

Panda Pack


This is a wonderful gift to help your guide your child through their new tools. Four wonderful short stories written by Nicola Russell. Mini journalling, colouring, activities and a cute little panda cuddly toy!

(This product is £20, when attending any workshop and included with the Mindful Mindful Child Foundation One workshop.)

Panda water bottle


Great to create an alkaline drink by using the fruit infusion holder. Keep the children happy at school, with a reminder to be mindful.