Our Energy Field

Our energy field consists of an inner and an outer field of energy. The energy is drawn upon from both the Earth’s grid and the Universal energy. The setting of an intention and connection to the energy allows this process. Bringing yourself to a Theta set of mind, between conscious and unconscious, the first stage of sleep.

The inner field of energy is called our Chakra system. The main seven chakras are the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. There are many other chakras all over the body. The energy comes out of my hands when I am manipulating the energy. Feet chakras ground us into the earth’s grid. Anchoring us.

The outer energy field is called the Aura. The aura has an inner esoteric layer and outer layers consisting of the emotional and mental layers and beyond.

Energy work.

Humans tend to think that if something isn’t physical or scientific it doesn’t exist. Science is catching up, and people are more and more aware that we do indeed have an energy system surrounding our physical bodies.

In the 1890’s Nikola Tesla first demonstrated an accurate picture of an aura. Later photographing with a Kirlian camera. The 20th century brought the Soviet Union experimenting with Energy with living beings, measuring and photographing auras in Universities.

Modern-day uses of computer technology enable us to see auras very clearly.

Auras are seen by the naked eye too. I myself can see and feel the energies of auras, allowing me to detect negative energies or gaps in the aura. The use of a pendulum is always a great way to assess an auras flow of energy. The chakras may need to be adjusted energetically or realigned. The aura is almost egg-shaped, creating a human Torus shape. Continually flowing throughout the inner and outer energy fields. A healthy flow creates a sense of bliss, calm and strength. An aura that is full of gaps and blockages sending the physical emotional, mental and eventually physical symptoms.

Keeping your energies high allows you to feel amazing, connected.

Regular practice of yoga, meditation grounds you and releases negativity, from time to time you need outside help to adjust your energy field. This is where energy healing is needed.

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