Reiki, Creative Writing, Art and Meditation

What are the tools?

‘Tools’ are given to you during our workshops and one to ones. These are key processes that will help you manage the ability to create a wonderfully calm home. Just like any tool, you have to practice using it, to become a Master of mindfulness.


Reiki is offered on a one to one basis. Our Reiki practitioners are experienced, fully qualified and insured.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It has been now recognised by the NHS and is practised in healthcare institutions in many other countries.


Mindful mindful creations

The creations vary from workshop to workshop. From Jewellery to dream catchers. Whilst creating a wonderful piece, you and your child will experience the ability to connect and be present in the now. Connecting to your energy and experience your own creativity. These workshops are for children and their parents/carers.

Kate’s workshop- The Gift, is a wonderful workshop for teenagers and adults. This workshop is in two parts. There is a connection and creation experienced, through creating a vision board. Looking forward, rather than allowing yourself to fragment your soul too much in the past. The second part of this workshop is creating a wonderful emotional anchor, in the form of a necklace or keyring. I am extremely excited about this workshop. It will help people with anxiety and depression, as connecting to the present moment and focusing on a positive vision, enables you to create a different future self.

Mindful mindful meditations

Meditation workshops help and support you with the ability to understand how to achieve a state of meditation once you return back home with your child and indeed, for yourself. Our workshops give you the theory behind the tool, as well as the practical experience of it.

Mindful Mindful Writing and Drawing workshop

Like the creations workshop, you will experience the connection and presence of the now moment. When you connect you can bring your higher aspect of yourself into your creative writing. The time will fly by when you are in your flow.

Mindful mindful Wiggle and Tone

This workshop again is for you and your child. Ground your energy and connection is key to release all that does not serve you. Release it and wiggle away your worries.

Learn about Kinesiology and German New Medicine. Incorporate these tools into your home, allowing you to connect with your physical body, allowing it to flow through you and release through body movements and breath.



Our Pandas are in their own right, experts in their own field. We are all working under the ‘umbrella’ of Mindful Mindful Panda. Each with our passions and able to guide you on your journey.

Meet Karen, one of our Pandas

My name is Karen and I have great passion and awe for all living things that we share this beautiful planet with.

Mostly you will find me in the garden or the woods communing with the plants, wildlife and trees. I am a fully qualified gardener and meditation teacher.

I feel it’s so important to foster in our young people a deep connection to the earth especially in this time of climate change and plastic pollution.

We need the next generation to take up the baton and challenge the way we live.

Mindful Mindful Panda is a forerunner in advocating change and I am proud to be a part of it and to lead the workshops on gardening and the environment.

Let’s connect and make a difference.


Meet Kate,

Katie Taylor aged 36 Mother of two adorable boys aged 1 and 7. Career-minded and extremely passionate about the concept of ‘Mind Over Matter’.

Qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist which is a learnt modern approach to recent discoveries in neuroscience to communication, understanding people, practical theories and skill involved in the practice of therapy.

Qualified as Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) awarded Distinction an approach to better communication and language within the human mind. Approach to better communication and language within the human mind.


Complementary Therapist in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Body Massage.

Katie’s specialises in The Power of thought using Creative Mindful Workshops – incorporating jewellery making, dream catchers and vision boarding.

Also, exclusive workshops revolving around specific topic themes such as revision and study techniques, law of attraction, bespoke affirmations suited to you, stress, anxiety, fear, bullying…


Meet Leigh 

My name is Leigh, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter age 8. She is a beautiful soul and has really changed my life around for the better when she graced us with her presence on this beautiful earth.

I am a qualified swimming teacher and have taught many children of all different ages ranging from 4-16. I also work as an Energy Therapist, qualified in Kinesiology and Reiki.

My spiritual journey has been gradually evolving over many years, however, the turning point for me was when I was suffering from many health issues including depression and anxiety. On my search looking for another outlook and way of life, I realised that there was so much more than going to the doctor and popping a pill.

The journey took me to turn my families health and mindset around and I now practice going conscious (gentle) parenting techniques. After much research and seeing the results of this approach has on my family for me I realised it was how it should have always been.

Working with children most days I see the effect this stressful, busy lifestyle has put upon their little developing minds. Going forward I want to focus on helping parents break the cycle, and changing their mindset to parenting and children and to help children grow up to be conscious happy souls with the emotional intelligence to deal with what life throws at them. It’s time to allow the next generation to be the light-bringers that they are here to be.

My passions of swimming, music and dancing is something Id love to involve, so others can benefit from it too. Swimming has transformed my life around, with the feeling of the water and the working with the lungs through breathe work has helped me a great deal in my mindfulness journey. And music and dancing… who doesn’t like a good wiggle to release those endorphins.

I am very excited to be working as a facilitator with the transforming Mindful Mindful Panda. I am looking forward to helping bring about change to a wide community of people.


Please visit Our Pandas page for more details.


NEW workshops?

If you have a passion for something in your life that you feel you wish you would love to share, you are mindful in your life? Then contact me and join me at Mindful Mindful Panda, there may be a new workshop on the horizon.

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