What is Neutrality?

Neutrality is being neutral.

Non emotional.

Being able to be in a non judgemental state and observing from a neutral perspective.

Neutrality once found is quite a surreal experience, as at first it is quite a difficult state of mind to master. But like anything, once practiced it becomes natural.

I love this state of mind.

You can observe people, situations, events from a higher perspective. Being in this state as I have just said, is quite surreal, as at first it may feel quite robotic. You can choose to use your emotions as a tool, rather than the emotion being in control of you, you are in charge of the emotion.

Use in the workshops

Neutrality is a subject covered during all workshops. It is a key tool.

For children we cover this to help them control their emotions and help them understand they have the ability to be in an emotion, an experience, as emotions are needed for us to learn, but as i said before, it is the control that emotions guides us through our life lessons. Out of the head and into the heart.

Neutrality is fundamentally a lost art in our societies. We get caught up in the emotion of others, take on their problems and come away feeling drained, full of negativity and lost in the moment.


Some of us are more empathic than others. We take on others energy. We go into a conversation with the intent to help and come away feeling drained from the whole process, whilst the other person ‘feels so much better, thank you for listening.’

Yes, many a time I have experienced this!

Being an empath can be seen as a curse for some, but I would advise you to stop and see it as a gift. As once you can manage this gift, it gives you a foundation of having an extra sensory ability. You can take on the emotions of others and create a barrier to use it as information only and then release the emotions with the understanding of others, but not being drained with the emotion itself.

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