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Mindfulness in the workplace

Many hours of the day are lost due to emotional stress and mental health of staff members. Creating a workforce that is supported with clarity of mind will enable business owners to supply a service to their customers that are heartfelt. When the primary care towards their staff and customers are coming from the heart, the business will flourish.

Mental health and emotional regulation support, create a strong company. A foundation of awareness for a strengthened future.

We are here to support this process, a bespoke program is offered, depending on your needs. Our core beliefs run throughout our program, it is simple and effective.

Reiki is also offered on a one to one basis for staff members that need a little more support.

All our practitioners are insured, DRB checked and come highly recommended.
Please contact us to arrange an informal discussion to move forward in creating you a team of well-supported staff.

Venue Information:

Most of these workshops can be run from your own venue, home, hall.

Or we can arrange a ZOOM meeting and run a workshop ‘online.’


NOTE: Linked information: This information is published in full at Mind.org.uk

‘Thriving at work’
Mental health support for your employees.
Simple, empowering and effective wellbeing techniques to support your employee’s mental health.

‘Thriving at Work’ is an expert report commissioned by the Government. It looks at the extent of the problem of poor mental health in the workplace and its associated cost.
The report published in 2017 found that around 15% of workers have symptoms of a mental health condition and the cost to employers are estimated to be:
£8 billion of absenteeism
£17-26 billion for lost productivity from presenteeism
£8 billion for staff turnover
Supporting mental health at work is good for business and productivity and the report itself makes six recommendations for employers.
For more information read more ‘Thriving at Work’ Mind or Government information website.

Core standards and recommendations from the report

Core Standard One
Produce, implement and communicate mental health of work plan that encourages and promotes good mental health of all staff and open organisational culture.

Core Standard two
Develop mental health awareness among employees by making information, tools and support accessible.

Core Standard Three
Encourage open conversations about mental health and the support available when employees are struggling, during the recruitment process and at regulator intervals throughout employment, with appropriate workplace adjustments offered to employees who require them.

Core Standard Four
Provide your employees with good working conditions and ensure they have a healthy work/life balance and opportunities for development

Core Standard Five
Promote effective people management to ensure all employees have a regular conversation about their health and wellbeing with their line manager, supervisor or organisational leader, and train and support line managers ineffective management practices.

Core Standard Six
Routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing by understanding available data, talking to employees and understand risk factors.

How can help support your plan?
We can support you by offering our expertise and knowledge in empowering your staff to regulate their emotional responses to triggers at work and during their home life.
Wellbeing tools to support the connection to their emotions and tools to help them support their healing journey back to health.

We can help your key management and supervisors by offering training workshops for you too filter the information, offer workshops and talks direct to your staff.

Mindfulness tools and core subjects covered during the workshops and talks are:
Connection during meditation and breathwork
Self-awareness of emotions, mental, physical and energy
The act of neutrality
Positive thinking creates your reality


Example Adult Workshops

Mindful Mindful Me Workshop, 4-hour workshop 

This workshop covers our core subjects of energy, neutrality, positivity, meditation and breathwork. It is time to look at yourself, go deep into your ability to connect to your soul self and get out of your ego-mind. Moving away from judgement and individuality.

This workshop is run by Nicola Russell. Founder of Mindful Mindful Panda


Mindfulness talk    One hour

This talk is an introduction to mindfulness. Nicola Russell talks about her journey in mindfulness and how it has helped her cope with her day to day emotional experiences,


The Gift    Four-hour workshop

The workshop is in two parts. Firstly you would experience creating a vision board, focusing on your future. Letting go of the past traumas, experiences. Secondly, creating a wonderful gift for yourself. A piece of jewellery to take home. The chains a silver and the lockets will hold special memories or visions. An emotional anchor when you need it to bring you back to a positive mind.

This workshop is run by Katie Taylor.


Science Sound Mindfulness Workshops 

Do you struggle to meditate? If you do or enjoy meditation, but would simply like an introduction to Vibrational Sound Therapy then this is for you. Learn to meditate using the OM Tuning Fork and find your ‘Stillpoint’. Discover how to regulate your nervous system. Balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing mindless chatter to be quietened. Relieving stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Restoring balance and connecting to inner peace. 

This workshop is run by Di McCann, a qualified Sound healer.


Whether is it a bespoke program or workshops already in place we can help support you support your staff. Please contact us for more information to help make the first steps a little easier.

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