Mindful Mindful Workshops

Venue information:

Most of these workshops can be run from your own venue, home, hall, school, nursery.

Or we can arrange a ZOOM meeting and run a workshop ‘on line.’

Get together with some like minded people and we can arrange to come to you.

Otherwise, the workshops are run from The Panda Hut in East Farleigh near Maidstone, Kent. UK, on pre set organised time slots, bookable on Eventbrite or via messaging Nicola Russell direct. See Workshop dates page.


*It is recommended you attend this workshop first to set the foundations of all other workshops. Child and Parent/ Carer workshops:  Mindful Mindful Child Foundation workshop, 2 hours with child and parent. But is not compulsory.

This workshop is for children between the age of 6-12 years, together with a parent/ carer.

Covering subjects:

Energy awareness, energy systems, chakras, neutrality, positive affirmations, law of attraction, ego mind and soul self. Meditation and breath work. It is a foundation for the child to build on. A Panda Pack is given at the end of the workshop, so the child and parent can revisit the subject matter whilst in the home environment. Change only comes from practice and implementation.


Mindful Mindful Child Foundation Part 2 workshop 2 hours with child and parent.

This workshop is  for children 6-12 years old. together with the parent/ carer.

This workshop goes into the same subjects as part 1, but at a deeper level. It enables the children to revisit, develop and practice their skills.


Mindful MIndful Child ‘sowing the seeds’ workshop, with child and parent.

For children 6-12 years old, together with their parent/ carer.

This workshop is a wonderful experience into the connection with nature. Looking at how seeds hold energy, grow and develop. Meditation and breath work is also practiced during this workshop. The child will plant their own seed and will take their seed home to nurture.

Automatic writing workshop

For children along with their parent/carer. This workshop gives you the opportunity to connect to your higher soul self and allow your creative self to flow through. Getting out of the mind and into the heart. You will be surprised what you will produce.

Wiggle and tone workshop

This workshop enables you and your child to connect to their energy. Bringing an awareness of to keep your energy flowing. Along with meditation and breath work in the form of toning. This workshop is full of fun and great for those that are active.

Dreamcatchers workshop

Creating a dreamcatcher with your child, creates a strong bond and focuses you on the positive moment. The dreamcatcher is included in the price of the workshop, to take home and remind you of the creative experience.

To come: yoga, meditation.

I am collaborating with like minded souls. Each ‘Panda’ is practicing mindfulness in their own right. Details of these workshops are being finalised and i will keep you updated soon.


Teenager workshops:

Science Sound Mindfulness Workshop for Teenagers age 12 upwards

This introductory workshop shows teenagers; how to release emotions in a healthy way; learn how to relax, understand their feelings and develop awareness around self-regulation. Very beneficial for anger, anxiety, low emotional wellbeing and studying for exams.


Adult Workshops:

Mindful Mindful Me Workshop, 4 hour workshop for adults.

A workshop for you. Adults and teenagers.

This workshop covers our core subjects of energy, neutrality, positivity, meditation and breath work. It is time to look at yourself, go deep into your ability to connect to your soul self and get out of your ego mind. Moving away from judgement and individuality.


Mindful Mindful Parenting Workshop, 4 hour workshop for adults.

A workshop for parents of children of all ages. We take a look at different perspectives, on how to parent mindfully. Perspectives of both the parent and the child. Including defiance and behaviours. It is an opportunity to move from chaos, into a calmer house hold.

Mindful Mindful Me- The Gift

This workshop is for teenagers and adults. The workshop is in two parts. Firstly you would experience creating a vision board, focusing on your future. Letting go of the past traumas, experiences. Secondly, creating a wonderful gift for yourself. A piece of jewellery to take home. The chains a silver and the lockets will hold special memories or visions. An emotional anchor when you need it to bring you back to a positive mind.

Science Sound Mindfulness Workshops for Adults

Do you struggle to meditate? If you do or enjoy meditation, but would simply like an introduction to Vibrational Sound Therapy then this is for you. Learn to meditate using the OM Tuning Fork and find your ‘Stillpoint’. Discover how to regulate your nervous system. Balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing mindless chatter to be quietened. Relieving stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Restoring balance and connecting to inner peace. 

Mindful Mindful Workshops
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