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Meditation and Breath.

Meditation is an act of meditating. Meditation is the act of being in the NOW and a sense of being connected.

Meditation can be found not only by sitting chanting in the lotus position, but also by mindfully being connected by being in the moment during a walk in nature, reading a book, painting, drawing, swimming, yoga, exercising, fishing, anything that takes you to a place of calm and connection.

Meditating can be done in silence, with music, in groups, on your own.. it is always an individual choice.

The breath whilst meditating is an amazing tool.The breath is the connection between the heart and mind. We can think that the breath is just a physical thing, but it is not. The breath can release negative emotions and energy from your energetic bodies and bring in high frequency energy to help clear negative energy. The breath is the most important thing we can use during meditation, used consciously it is extremely powerful. Strength comes from mindful breath work. It raises you into a state of calm and bliss. Once you master your breath, you master mindfulness.

Meditation during my workshops.

During the workshops, we will experience the practical knowledge of meditation and mediating. It is the continued use of this tool that will strengthen your connection to self.

For children, meditation is covered by using Heart Activation Breath. As well as gratitude and positive affirmations. This needs to be a natural process, simple and highly effective. Children love it.


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