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Spending quality time together…    Our busy live in modern times draws us further away from each other. Video games, social media, TV all create a form of isolation from our children.

Adults have busy lifestyles, creating barriers with their child.

The time spent during MMP workshops, allows the barriers to be bridged with a greater understanding of both the child and adults emotions. Being aware of our emotions allows a full awareness of self.


Controversial reasoning.

Today’s social limitation of agendas dictated by people sitting in power underestimate the undercurrent of people raising their frequencies of empowerment. The common man is questioning their path, their purpose upon the Earth. A program such as Mindful Mindful Panda adds to the availability of knowledge and growth within us all. Let’s start with a change from our young, children hold our future. Communities or Peace and connection.

Simple techniques used in a daily routine, create simple changes which move a person into a a sense of connection. Once purpose is recognised the simple element ignites the people to become inspired and empowered within their own right. Once this occurs the life’s journey is travelling at a greater frequency. Much more can be achieved than the mundane chores of the day.

A creative energy that brings change in self and in communities. Mindful Mindful Panda is a creation by myself Nicola Russell. Channelled from my higher self. A creation that is heart felt and simple to follow. Four simple steps to a life changing experience.

Meditation, neutrality, breath work, positive affirmations and energy flow. All spoken in simple terms and child like context both understandable to adult and child, working together in a union of knowledge, creating a bond of understanding. Non constricted, purpose-able and simple and full integrated-able into your daily life.

Just as you would get up in the morning and clean your teeth, the MMP principles are in place to connect, cleanse and clear your energetic field. Recognition of emotions allowing a sense of neutrality. A calm platform to move forward in difficult situations and challenging life lessons. The breath is a key component to release negative energies, letting go of unwanted feelings and to work towards a collective energy of positivity. As well as a sense of connection to the physical body, breath work is extremely beneficial to create a calmness, clarity and connection to self. Bringing a sense of flow in your reality. 

The Law of Attraction, gathers into your existence with a flow of positive affirmations, creating your reality. A paradigm of pure bliss and co-creation together from a firm family construct.

Connection, cleansing and clearing your reality. Choose Mindful Mindful Panda’s life style, calm, strength, empowerment.


Workshops available are:

Foundation two hour workshops for 6-11years. Parents Four hour workshops. Energy Flow for kids, wiggle wiggle workshop, 45 minutes. Facilitator training, two day course. More workshops and groups are in the process of being finalised.


See Eventbrite Link, for live dates.



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Mindful Mindful Panda
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‘Mindfulness for the younger mind.’