Mindful Mindful Panda Workshops and Groups

Mindfulness for the younger mind.

Children: 6-11 years Foundation workshops and Energy Flow workshops.

Parenting Workshop Groups.

Working completely from a simple five step platform, mindfulness for the Younger Mind.

Connection, through meditation.  Release, through neutrality and breath work. Positive affirmations create a positive mindset and energy flow allows a constant sense of peace.


Mindful Mindful Panda starts with a Foundation course. This is a two hour workshop based at my home in East Farleigh, near Maidstone Kent. (Other venues are being confirmed soon.)

Energy Flow groups, are available for children to develop their understanding of how to keep a clear energy flow. Releasing through breath and body movements.

Workshops can be arranged at your home too. Gather some like minded people together and we can run a workshop at your own home venue.

Small groups of up to 6 children. Adults attend the workshop to create a greater understanding and connection.

Parenting groups: Groups up to 6 adults are available to help understand the processes. We go into the foundation workshop information in  greater depth.


What benefits will you see?

MMP foundation  workshops will provide a starting point, a clear, yet simple program to start your journey into connecting with your child at a deeper level of consciousness.

Meditation will bring you an understanding of how to connect to yourself. Learn techniques and enable both of you to guide each other.

Breath work enables you to let go, release and be mindful of this process.

Positive Affirmations and the Law of Attraction, brings an understanding of positive energy flow.

Neutrality is a key tool to be conscious of your feelings and having clear boundaries which will help neutralise the emotional effects of life lessons.

MMP will also give an understanding of your energy bodies, chakra system and the ability to clear, giving you and your child a healthy energetic field. It is about thinking outside the box. We are more than the physical, our energy effects us, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Once the first workshop has been achieved, further workshops and groups will develop to help support further needs.

MMP Groups:

Wiggle Energy Flow groups: help support the child to grow and use their techniques given during the foundation workshop. Greater depth of knowledge is covered during these sessions.

MMP Packs. 

Mindful Mindful Panda packs are inclusive of the price of the workshop. If you purchase a MMP pack separately you will receive a £15 voucher towards a workshop event.

Sold separately £15, brought through myself or on ETSY (slightly more expensive.) The stories represents how MMP lives in a blissful state of mind.

Loving ‘Hugs of Light”, We are All One, Removing Rocks and Oceans of Calm.

What is in the MMP Pack?

There is a book which has 4 short stories, mindful colouring pages, (by Gay Davis,)  mini journalling pages and a small section on nutrition. ( by The Nourished Body – Hannah Carr.)

A Panda plush toy, for your child to cuddle is all included within the pack.

Training to become a Facilitator of Mindful MIndful Panda will become available!

Details to follow.







Mindful Mindful Panda Workshops and Groups
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