Mindful Mindful Me

Adults mindfulness workshops.

We spend so much time and attention on others, that the concept of putting yourself first seems selfish. You are the only one living your experience. You can see others around you, coming into and out of your reality. But, you are the only one that is there in your head all of the time.

When we come to think about it, most of the time we try and live everyone’s life’s for them, controlling our children, judging what other’s are doing with their life and very rarely looking inside at our own needs, thoughts and feelings.

It is your time now. Your time to step into your own power. Your body and mind need to release old thoughts, feelings and old paradigm’s and step into a new you.

If others rely on you, you need to be strong. How can you help others if you are not? We can support others and guide them. But ultimately, it is their decisions, their experiences, their life’s.


Mindful Workshop for adults.

Mindful Mindful Panda is running several workshops for adults, helping you on your journey. We incorporate five core principles. energy awareness, meditation, breath awareness, neutrality and positivity.

Mindful Mindful Me 

The internal perspective of self is a journey. This workshop enables you to put your forward your first step. Onto the path of looking deeper into yourself. Layers of thoughts cycle in our minds, letting go of these thoughts are difficult. Once perfected you can journey on and unfold your truth into who you truly are. A sovereign being here on Earth. Capable of so much more than a mundane existence. Unveil the gifts and connect to you. You will be surprised at the outcome.




Mindful Mindful Me
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