Mindful Mindful Child - Souls needing guidance

Mindful Mindful Child is all about the child.

The age of the child is a state of mind and body only. The soul of a child in your life maybe older than you, a soul that is evolved and has lived many life times ahead of you. New souls are also entering the world and need guidance to realise their full potential.

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New souls?

These souls are sensitive in nature, prominently self confident, vegan and self aware of what they feel is right and concerned about the world and it’s inhabitance and environment. These children are here to change the world. We need to be nurturing them and supporting them in their new existence.

Do you have a child like this? Then you need to get up to speed with them, as they will be showing you so much in your life’s lessons and experiences. You have been chosen to parent these children, it is a privilege and an honour to have them in your life.

Old souls are also here on Earth?

These souls are extremely wise, full of teachings and experiences. These souls find it difficult to fit in with education and strong programmed beliefs. They are children that have very strong values and look at world through old eyes. You will know them when you experience their presence. These children need support to awaken their full potential. Mindfulness will enable them to achieve this. As connection to self will guide them through.

Evolving souls?

Evolving souls are souls that again need support, guidance and awareness. These souls tend to fit in easily with schooling, friendship groups and life here on Earth. They tend to be able to go with the flow of life, fitting in to their surroundings without question. An easy child.

Souls that are labelled as having ADD, ADHD, Autism?

These souls in some cultures are their potential Shamans. These souls are souls that will challenge you. They maybe difficult to parent and control with their deep questioning of society and humanity. Children like this are game changers, they definitely need extra support, guidance and commitment. They need to have skills and coping techniques to help them deal with life’s experiences.


My children…

I have two children, one an old soul and one a potential Shaman. Both children are very different. Both needing different support and guidance. As a parent being aware of your child’s needs helps with your relationships. The understanding of their needs helps you deal with day to day occurrences. For the child it is important not to be labelled, but only to be aware of their truth and understanding of self to a greater degree and not just as an coincidental existence. We all have a purpose to our life and helping finding this purpose through being connected helps with finding it. Once you find your purpose in life it is so amazing, Life takes on a beautiful meaning, it enables you to help others, serve and surrender to a bigger agenda, than just a selfish one.


How can Mindful Mindful Child help?

We run several workshops that will be able to help you support you and your child through being self aware.

Self-awareness of their energy flow, mind and heart. Breath work and meditation will also help support their connection. Their connection to the world around them, connection to their self and to their higher consciousness. All these things may feel strange to you, these concepts may feel a little too WHOO WHOO! We can only judge through our own experiences. Once we have connection and get out of our mind, we can truly understand our connection. Eastern societies have been living in this way for thousands of years. It is about time that we in the Western world catch up. Technology and science are catching up with this also. Slowly things are changing and it is about time too.


Working with Home Educators

We are here to help you educate your child in their knowledge of their true self. Stepping away from mainstream programmed subjects and really connecting with nature, our environment, energy awareness and self awareness, as well as looking at things from a higher perspective.


Arrange a meeting or telephone call to discuss your needs and we can bring the workshop to you!


Working With Schools and Nurseries

Please message me if you would love to see Mindfulness in your primary school or nursery.

Mindful Mindful Child
Level One Foundation Workshop £35

Other workshops start at £20


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