Meditation vs Meditating

Meditation and meditating.

It is important to understand the difference between the two,

Meditation is the mindset state you experience, whilst meditating. It is a ‘place’ where you can be calm, balanced in your emotions and can observe what comes into your ‘thinking mind.’


Meditating is the way in which you get to the place of meditation.

Therefore, the act of meditation isn’t just sitting crossed legged and humming mantras.

The ways in which you can achieve this is by offering you several types of workshops. During our workshops, we cover a vast array of meditating forms. Such as gardening, creating art, creating pieces of writing, meditation and breathwork, yoga. Everyone is different. Offering different forms of meditating, therefore suit all types of mindsets.

Opening our minds and finding we can easily fit these ways of meditation into our daily lives with astounding benefits. For both child and parents.


Meditation for beginners.

It is sometimes hard to imagine, how to quieten the mind. We can get caught up in the busy day, with thoughts and emotions, controlling how we react and feel about ourselves and others.

Our mind is full of ‘programmed’ information that we have gathered through our life. Parenting, schooling systems, media etc. We are told how to act and what is expected of us. Told information, that we believe without question. This information all sits in our “EGO” mind. It is a part of us that is primitive in its reactionary concepts, fight or flight, survival mode.

When we can leave the ‘monkey mind’ behind, parking it to one side, letting go… we can quieten the Ego mind and settle into the heart of the mind, our soul self, higher self, god self. no matter what you want to call it, it is the part of you that can create a calm and strong aspect of yourself.

The methods of meditating or vast and we support you by offering several types of workshops, as I have already mentioned. Guided meditations and silent meditations are all available. The process of starting with five minutes a day, moving onto ten, slowly creeping up, creating time allocated to connection to the greater part of your mind. It is a fabulous way to change your life. Once you have mastered it, you will be so surprised at its results.

Advancing your meditation skills. 

Once you can see the difference in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state, you will want to advance into a deeper form of meditation. This takes time and is in everyone’s scope. It is like attending the gym, the mind needs a workout, the more you work on it the stronger it becomes and the deeper you go.


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