My name is Leigh, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter age 8. She is a beautiful soul and has really changed my life around for the better, when she graced us with her presence on this beautiful earth.

I am a qualified swimming teacher, and have taught many children of all different ages ranging from 4-16. I also work as an Energy Therapist, qualified in Kinesiology and Reiki.

My spiritual journey has been gradually evolving over many years, however the turning point for me was when I was suffering with many health issues including depression and anxiety. On my search looking for another outlook and way of life, I realised that there was so much more than going to the doctor and popping a pill.

The journey took me to turning my families health and mindset around and I now practice going conscious (gentle) parenting techniques. After much research and seeing the results of this approach has on my family for me I realised it was how it should have always been.

Working with children most days I see the effect this stressful, busy lifestyle has put upon their little developing minds. Going forward I want to focus on helping parents break the cycle, and changing their mindset to parenting and children and to help children grow up to be conscious happy souls with the emotional intelligence to deal with what life throws at them. It’s time to allow the next generation be the light bringers that they are here to be.

My passions of swimming, music and dancing is something Id love to involve, so others can benefit from it too. Swimming has transformed my life around, with the feeling of the water and the working with the lungs through breathe work has helped me a great deal in my mindfulness journey. And music and dancing… who doesn’t like a good wiggle to release those endorphins.

I am very excited to be working as a facilitator with the transforming Mindful Mindful Panda. I am looking forward to helping bring about change to a wide community of people.

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