About Me

Hello, I am Nicola Russell. The founder of Mindful Mindful Panda.

Why the name Mindful Mindful Panda?

Mindful Mindful Panda’s name came from the collection of cuddly Panda’s, my son collected over the years. He had so many they covered his bed. Who doesn’t love a Panda! The surname and Christian name are the same, Mindful Mindful, and why not. He is extremely mindful.

What is my history?

My background is in training, many years, before my family, I worked in Human Resources and customer service, at Boots the Chemist and then trained as an Exercise Instructor. Both roles suited my enjoyment of working with others and showing them how to change there life’s, to become the best they can be. Either in the physical body or in the behaviour towards others.

My family came after, with two wonderful children. Both very different from each other. One of my children has mental health issues and has brought me so many life lessons. I am extremely privileged to have her in my life, as she is an inspiration to how i live my life now.

My spiritual journey started about 8 years ago when going through a life-changing personal experience I started to open up myself to things that surprised me. Such as meditation, mediumship and developing my psychic abilities. Moving into Energy healing/Reiki.

I was guided to write Mindful Mindful Panda, the program started with simple activities for children and has built up from there. Moving into adult mindfulness and joining up with other people to bring a varied meditation base. Such as gardening and creating art. Things are developing all the time. We learn, we do.

I then qualified as a Reiki Master, Mindfulness and EFT coach. I am also a keen Qi gong and yoga enthusiast. Energy is my passion. After all, we are energy. I work with energy and have the ability to feel it when healing my clients. I also see energy around the physical body. The Aura. Energy is one of the key aspects of my mindfulness program. I teach children and adults to be aware of their energy, their chakra and outer energetic bodies. I feel this is important, as when your energy is flowing correctly, the emotional and mental layers within your auric field are working at their optimum. Therefore, creating a calm and blissful state. It is only when there are lower vibrational energies, collected by environmental and other people’s energies that then affect the way you feel. I digress… for more information, please visit my healing website.


Most of my input into my programs are intuitive. I meditate and prepare my content by connecting to the Universe, my oversoul. Now I don’t know about you, but I feel there isn’t a greater source of inspiration.

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